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Photon Genius

Photon GeniusThe cutting edge in heat therapy

By Lori Phillips, R.N.

What’s new at The hottest and I mean that literally, hottest, heat therapy machine invented. This dynamic energy sauna provides more direct and targeted harmonic infrared energy than any sauna in the world.

Dr. Larry Wilson author of Sauna Therapy states "The key to the use of sauna therapy for cancer is it combines some dozen or so therapeutic mechanisms that act together in concert to inhibit tumor growth.
Just 25 minutes in the revolutionary Photon-Genius can start you on the way to a wealth of health benefits.

• Reduce pain and inflamation (effective in 90% of cases)
• Help normalize blood pressure blood pressure to improve heart function
• Help lower serum cholesterol and prevent “bad” LDLcholesterol from oxidizing and becoming worse
• Kill bacteria and viruses
• Inhibit cancer cell growth and shrink some cancerous tumors
• Aid memory
• Reduce the risk of diabetes by helping regulate pancreatic insulin secretion
• Help control lung function for improved breathing
• Stimulate HGH release to boost lean muscle mass and bone density

Let’s see what people have had to say about the Photon Genius:

“I’ve been here 94 years and when they told me I had Lymphoma, cancer involving the lymph system, I knew this was not going to take my life. I started coming 2 then 3 times a week. After 10 sessions in the Photon, my Doctor said my cancer number has decreased by 40%. I think every-one should get in the Photon Genius. I just can’t say enough about it.” Dessie

"I am a personal trainer and I lift weights all day with my clients. I had lower back pain due to this. I do a Photon session and my pain is relieved. I also like the way the Photon heats my blood from the inside. I never really liked saunas but I love the Photon Genius and use it regularly."   Ilana Arzt

"I was wearing high heels and the heel caught in the carpet causing me to go down sideways catching my knee under me. The knee swelled and was very sore. I could not walk very well. After 3 Photon Genius sessions, the pain and the swelling left." Christina

“I have a cancerous tumor protruding from my breast. It causes a lot of pain. I was taking Dilaudid for the pain, in an IV in my arm every 2 hours. After 4 sessions in the Photon, I was able to reduce my pain med. After 7 sessions I cut the dilaudid in half and after 10 sessions I did not need the pain medicine any more. I am now in California for a month but when I get back I will definitely start my sessions again."  Aimee

"The Photon Genius is Awesome!!! After working 7 1/2 hours of moving computer equipment at work, 25 minutes in the PG eased all my aches and pains with its wonderful heat. The next day I wasn't even sore at all. This thing is amazing and looking forward to booking my next appointment!"    Leann Landers

“I am having trouble with my heart rate and blood pressure. My heart rate will drop below 58 beats a minute and my pressure will go to 160/94. I have a session in the Photon genius and then see Dr. Weiss, my heart rate is up over 60 and my blood pressure, normal.”  Lois

See Photon Genius Video

Come experience the Photon Genius for yourself. Ask about our introductory prices..
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9377 E. Bell Road, Ste 367, Scottsdale AZ. 85260

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